Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Condoms Anyone ?

After some self marketing about being a sex blogger and created the #humsupleague, there was finally a lil result and as I always wished I got a "condom" in my email.

To be exact, a PR company for a certain condom company "came" knocking on my door(email) with a press release and was asking if I would do a little write up for them.

I did my fair share of explanation that I do not blog through simply just press release as that just means that they are using my voice to speak for their product but not my own point of view and thus I suggested that I shld do a condom review if possible.

How is it not possible? I suppose the PR girl was a lil shock that someone actually volunteered for such an idea and she has to get back to me after talking to client.

But seriously, if i do a blogpost for condom give-a-way, how many of you would actually write in just to get free condoms ?

1 comment:

Noel Ong (Ryuza) said...

Hmm Smith my man~~

Free condoms for trial and for review on blog?

I don't think there'll be explicit photos (only product) for this. XD

And how to do an actual write up on it? when the max that a guy can enjoy outta the condom, is just the thickness of it? XD


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