Friday, February 15, 2013

Ikea Valentine's Day Advertisement.

Advertising at it's best:
Advertising at it's best.
To celebrate Valentine's Day, IKEA is offering parents-t-be a free cot. If our baby is born on 14 November 2013. Limit of one cot per baby. Proof of birth must be provided. Voucher must be presented to redeem offer. Delivery not included.

Make a baby NAO!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Starhub Talks About Sex Too.

Been awhile since I have been talking about sex here. And guess what's happening now?

Starhub decided to take over my job even without notifying me.

Just kidding. Actually it's a new(don't quote me, I have no idea how new this program is.) program that starhub has and it's about safe surfing and not allowing your kids to surf porn and maybe even this blog.

Read more about it here.

I think it's a pretty interesting advertisement that is, at least it got my attention and on the other hand I am actually very into this idea. Nothing to hide that as an adult, we do get our hands onto such adult material online all the time but I suppose it's a little too much for the kids especially when they do not know how to judge that some of them are just scripted videos. When we talk about kids I believe we are talking about kids under age of 16 years.

So kids, if you happened to stumble upon this blog, Uncle Smith has a few pointers for you guys:

1. Adults do not go around having sex everywhere they go.
2. Adults do not ask for interview or walk around a shopping mall with a video cam talking to you.
3. Students in college does not have sex all day long in their rooms with 4 girls and 5 guys.
4. Plumbers, fire men, police men, doctors, nurses, masseuse, have a real job. They do what their job as mentioned in their job titles.
5. Ash and Misty did not have sex in the real pokemon series.

 Anyway, there is always a right time and right place to do the right Person thing, so always remember kids, becareful of what you are watching and reading and for the parents do check out what your kids are really doing online.

Mr.Smith, this is not an advertorial. I do not represent Starhub and I am just sharing this in my personal capacity of the "sex blogger".

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Singaporean" Porn Star?

So I read about this from one of my favorite blog - Alvinology

It's about this Porn Star name - Kaylani Lei and she has this "awesome" Merlion Tattoo.


I mean I love porn, I love woman, I love inks and I love Singapore but I just think it's kinda weird when it all cums together right? 

Alvin did a good explanation on the icon as well as the tattoo so I thought I would cover the rest - the porn star of course. 

So on top of what you can read off Wikipedia about her and her "achievement" and best of all that she was born in Singapore. I also found her Twitter Account and Instagram Account.

You can see her share some of her daily life happenings and pictures. 

Her instagram and twitter account is pretty safe for work if you ask me. There are several other pornstars that has really direct social media accounts. 

Of course, I also did found a few videos of her but the funny thing is all those videos I found don't seems to show her Merlion tattoo. I suppose those videos I found are the older ones. I wonder what inspired her to put that tattoo. The love of Singapore? 

A picture of her from her instagram 2 months ago. See the Merlion?
Seriously, would you put a Merlion Tattoo on you? 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Sex Bingo Challenge.

You know we all have this list of to-dos when we are at work or when we go to the super market or even when it comes to your own life. Like getting a wife, a car, a cat or even a trip to Europe.

What about a sexual "To-Do" list. Like literally to DO a certain (type of)person?

Although I am almost getting married and I pretty much know who I should be doing for the rest of my life, I too did a to do for the fuck of it (Like literally in this case.) and also to let you have a better idea!

1. A girl with really big boobs. (Like above D)
2. A girl with really small boobs. (really small, almost non-existant)
3. A Blone girl (Real blone not dye blonde hor)
4. A Hong Kong Girl!
5. An Actress!
6. A really famous blogger.
7. Girl with fake boobs.
8. A girl with a twin sister.

Maybe because I am like out from the scene for too long or I do not have much random desire(Who am I kidding) cause the list is surprisingly short in this case.  I mean I have friend who did a list base on countries. And even for girls like they wanna find guys with 3inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch, bend dick or whatever not legendary funny shape. When it comes to this stage of sex, it's no longer just lust or sex. It's almost like science where you are so curious about how your body will react to another sexual animal.

But of course, there are times you can score more than 1 person off the list at 1 time. Below is a fake list(ya right) that I just generated.

1.A Teacher
2.A Blonde
3.C Cups
4.A Virgin
5.A Shaved Pussy
6.A Blogger
7. Girl with fake boobs

So effectively you will clear all 7 at one go if you are doing "A Blonde Teacher who blogs and has Fake Cup C tits and a Shaved Pussy. And is a virgin" TAR-DAR~


It pretty much became like those PS3 trophies system where you try to do weird things just to score it all?

But of course I mean there are people who self proclaim that it ain't that difficult to do who you want or it ain't that difficult to complete the list? So what about taking the challenge of the "Sex Bingo". 

So how does the bingo works? First you need a list of say at least 25 possible qualities from girls? Draw a 5 by 5 box using pen and paper with ruler, excel or even power point. And then randomize the qualities into the 25 small boxes like the example below. 

So take it easy, you ain't gonna check all 25 boxer out by 1 girl or 1 night. The objective is just to complete a line like traditional bingo. It can be a pretty good alcohol challenge if you guys are both players but of course we must have some possible terms and conditions to make sure the challenge is fair. For example, you can't alter the girl to fit into the boxes. You can pay for a hooker with such qualities unless one of the boxes says hooker. And if in any case you did a girl 3 months before and she was cup A and 3 months down the road she is a D it is considered as 2 box checked. 

No offense to any ladies out there but it just seems too gay for me to do a list on the guys but I am sure you ladies can adapt this game and play along if you ladies are interested. 



P.S: Please let me know if any of you ever hit a bingo? You just win yourself a free HIV checkup with Smith Leong PTE LTD. Wish you good fuck luck.

Friday, February 10, 2012

And The Winner is...

Sorry for the long delay. but we have a winner!

Okay, the  video was a dumb idea with the lappy's cam cause the words are actually mirror-ed and I'm too lazy to reverse it back.  #BimboMoment

Anyway the Winner is VIX! So I can save your trouble from watching the video. HAHA

I did not list down all the contestant cause I scare people shy mah!

Congras Vix! I'm sure you'll have a great time with that!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Special - Vibrator Giveaway

It's a big misconception that sex toy is a replacement of your partner. Some people will have the ideas such as "Why do I need a sex toy when I have a gf/bf/wife/husband." Do you agree with that? I don't.
I think the idea of sex toy can make the whole married life or sex life much more exciting. One of my favorite example would be couples who wish to try threesome but is too shy or can't find the "right" third person, a sex toy is one of the only solution out there.  And in fact, sex toy is a very good surprise as well as gift for your other half too! Especially on Valentine's Day!

Sometime ago I was given a MAHANA DUO from Picobong

Double vibrations, multiple sensations.

This is no normal vibrator and it takes a little imagination to find out how it works but it's all worth it I must say. What I really like about it on top of it's creative function and design is actually it's color and packaging. Like I say, it makes a real good gift! See! 

Your parents will have no idea what it is even if they found it in your room!

Although Valentine's Day is still like a month away but I think it is always good to plan ahead no? So first time on SmithTalksAboutSex, I am going to giveaway a vibrator! No, don't worry, it's not the same piece. It's brand new! 

Introducing HONI Mini Vibe! (Yes, I laughed at the name too. HONI, Horny.. get it?) 

Just like the MAHANA, it comes in 3 fancy colors! They say size does matter but when it comes to a mini vibe like this, my friend Sheryl will tell you small is good cause it's portable. Personally I find that this is a very good product for beginners as it's not like a monster 10 inch dildo which looks just too painful.

So how do you win this for yourself or even your partner as a Valentine's Day gift? 

I know some of you guys are shy and all so I do not need you to LIKE any facebook page. 

Simply Email to title "HONI Mini Vibe Giveaway" and tell me you want this and it MIGHT be yours! 

Terms and Conditions

1. There will only be ONE winner for this giveaway.
2. There will be no choice of the color of the HONI Mini Vibe.
3. This contest is for readers based in Singapore ONLY.
4. Contest is open to readers above the age of 18 only.
5. Contest Ends on 31st January 2012.

So E-mail me NAO! 

Mr.Smith, Thank you for your participation and I hope you get some. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

I Stripped For PETA!

No, do not worry... There ain't any naked picture of myself on the blog. I am not that mad about getting onto our local tabloid papers (yet).

So sometime back I was talking about stripping for good cost and so I have done my part at strip. The experience at strip is ever consistant and of course good.

So of course you can read about my 1st boyzilian experience which was around a year ago. And this time round while the therapist was "manhandling" me, I did chat her up a little. Although I am like bottomless but it feels pretty much the same as any other small talks while you are getting a hair cut or getting your nails done.

Until today, there are still many men(and even ladies) out there who are shy about this whole process, wait a min, that's what we thought but is there really true? If that is true why are we have not 1 not 2 but 13 strip in Singapore? And you thought this numbers are interesting? Let's take a look at some other interesting numbers I have gathered.

Each therapist will "strip" around 12-13 customer on a good weekdays.

Out of this 12 customers, around 3 are guys.

Out of these 3 guys, it is 100% that guys do it all off.

0 guys have done the heart shape waxing before according to her, so do not worry.

So if base on her numbers, we have 13 shops locally, let's say we have around 3-4 Therapist at work per day, we will have 13x12x3 = 468. Which means we have around almost 500 naked bottom people walking around us from Strip daily. What about other smaller brands and home waxing?

So you see, we are not that shy about this whole process isn't it? I am sure most guys would like a trimmed or "naked" lady but what about the ladies?

Do you think it is important for guys to be neat at the "bikini" area as well?

Help me answer the poll below ladies!

How do you like your man and his hair?
Shiny Clean!
Trimmed, "botak" is too much.
I like my man hairy! Real MAN!
I don't like man. free polls 

So now what are you waiting for ladies and gentlemen!

Get Naked!


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