Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Singapore's Answer to Sex and Social Media.

After reading @patlaw's article on "The Media Kit For Your Blog" , I was really inspired (I'm quite VERY sure that's not what Pat had in mind when she was blogging that post) by the post with the question in my head of how do I stand out different from the 3000+ bloggers in Singapore's blogsphere. Not that in any way I want to be famous or popular but being a blogger it still make sense that I wish people to read my article right?

What's my unique selling point ? There are like 1892066481823 "Lifestyle" bloggers who event hop and get freebies and start "Advertorials" post and that's not me. Mr. CTHAM and TOC are doing a very good job on the politics which I have no idea what's happening. Ms dblchin score big time on the makeup and hair-do tutorial which I doubt I can sell those things as well. Tech blog by tech65 are doing very well as well. There are another 1987628761 number of food blogs. There are no way I can get even on social media blogs with good kids around like OMGZAM and the Penn Olson team. Wait a min, What about a SEX blogger ?

Reality Check - I have a long running SEX blog which I update on and off. No doubt I do not have good numbers but I do get good numbers of RT everytime I twit something about SEX on my timeline. I get followers telling me the "SEXiest" news on the web even when I didn't ask for it. Thus the image and support - checked. Competition Check - I'm sure this is a niche market cause I do not foresee bloggers like Andystorm,OMGZAM or Feliza (although it will be mind blowing to get it from za) to be talking about sex anytime soon. I'm sure they could but this might give a bad name to their current "image" which I do not have to begin with. = P. The next best thing you can get might be Yu-Kym who is brutally honest ( not my fav read) or Holly Jean - yay ! i like her !! I know how they had a little history and I should srsly not put them side by side. They are female, when the ladies talks about sex it's always a more sexy thing comparing to a guy doing it and maybe that explains why there ain't any guy doing it? Who ? Gary Ng? He ain't a blogger !! - Competition - checked.

So what is my objective of positioning myself in the sex region ? I am not going to be like gutteruncensored ( sorry guys no link but if u know who they are u shld know how to find them.) and share nude pics or dirty news, neither am I going to be like the once popular atemptress (nolink as well) who type about her sexcape with different people behind the screen with an unknown face. Me ? - I want to share the importance of SEX, the fun part about SEX, the problem about having and NOT having sex, the myth about SEX and more importantly the Social Media Engagement of SEX.

Social Media Engagement of SEX. - So we all know how other brands get blogger/tweeple to do food review, product review, ADV flash, paid advertorial and PR engagement to event but company like condoms and sex toy don't seems to be part of this social media game play yet. What's the problem here? people are still conservative over such topics? No target group? or SEX shouldn't be a social thing? - That's a myth as well if you ask me.

Further more, we have been reading too many of the same article off the female/male magazines which are seriously one sided and the topic are always the same. "How to have mind blowing sex", "Top 10 outdoor sex venue", "How to have longer sex" - Outdated I am telling you.

This should be taken to a new level where interaction and Engagement CUMS in together.

I am not saying I have all the answer but I am saying we can SEXplore on this topic together.

So now people/company, I am saying that I, Smith IS your answer to Sex and Social Media in Singapore.

Am I asking too much ? Cunt be right ?

side note : I am going to do something sexy and review about it this weekend. Stay Tune !


Siddy Lim said...

Haha! Okay that's one good read I must say. To blog about sex and not be shy about it. Gosh I doubt I will be that daring. *nods*

Mr.Smith said...

thx for ur support Sid !! I promise I will keep the post up with ur support. = )


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